Press Release: Anger Awareness Week 2020 – The British Association of Anger Management

BAAM Announces Anger Awareness Week 2020

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Are YOU in denial about your anger?

Take the BAAM passive aggression test to find out!

The British Association of Anger Management[2] (BAAM) undertakes its annual Anger Awareness Week[3] from 1st-7th December 2020. 

This year BAAM encourages the British public to ‘own our anger’ and dispel some of the shame around this complex but widespread mental health condition.

BAAM’s anger management coaches believe that up to 50% of people in the UK are suffering from some form of anger. The celebrity world is certainly no stranger to rage. Famous names ordered to take anger management classes recently include rapper Azealia Banks, UFC fighter Conor McGregor, singer Justin Bieber and model Naomi Campbell. Tennis great John McEnroe has admitted that he’s taken anger management classes for many years.

With so many of us suffering from anger issues, Anger Awareness Week’s goal is to shatter taboos around this widespread and damaging mental health issue. The British Association of Anger Management is asking – are you in denial about your anger?

Anyone suffering from ‘active aggression’ is usually easy to spot. Their anger takes the form of shouty outbursts (‘angergasms’), regular ranting and road rage-style confrontations. Active aggression is seen more in men than women.

‘Passive aggression’ though is internalised and more subtly expressed. Examples of passive aggression include office gossip, social media trolling, and ‘gaslighting’ a romantic partner. Passive aggression is usually, though not exclusively, seen in women.

Neither active, nor passive aggressive people want to undergo anger management! But eventually the active aggressive is given an ultimatum by their partner or employer. However, passive aggressive sufferers require a trained eye to spot and are usually referred by a health professional or HR specialist.

To help passive aggressive anger sufferers identify their issues and begin addressing them, BAAM’s experts have created the ‘Which Anger Type are You?’[4] test which is available for anyone to take absolutely free on BAAM’s website. The public also have access to BAAM’s Covid-19 Anger and Anxiety Test[5] and its ‘Keep Calm this Christmas’[6] downloadable PDF kit, plus Mike Fisher will be holding a special podcast in the first week of December offering practical anger management tips.

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