A New Podcast Addresses Anger Epidemic

The British Association of Anger Management, the UK’s leading anger management organisation for three decades, is responding to a significant rise in interest with a new regular video podcast.

This year BAAM is also running weekly courses throughout August for the first time ever, to cope with increased demand for anger management strategies and techniques.

Anger, stress and anxiety were on the rise even before the C-19 pandemic. Recent reports from during lockdown claim that as many as one in ten Britons are experiencing suicidal thoughts, while domestic violence incidents reported to police have risen by 20%. The Institute of Fiscal Studies estimates that 500,000 Britons will experience mental health issues due to economic uncertainty. Even with lockdown easing, 49% of us say we are su?ering from anxiety.

BAAM founder Mike Fisher says, “People often use work to get away from high conflict situations at home. The pandemic has consolidated how important it is for these people to do their anger management and not find distractions. Anger does not go away, it only gets worse until you actually deal with it.”

To make its specialist advice available to a wider audience BAAM has launched ‘The Wisdom Podcast’. The 90-minute video and audio show features essential anger and stress management tips from BAAM’s top consultants and its wider family of advisors. The Wisdom Podcast is free to watch on YouTube and Facebook, and on podcast services such as Apple Podcasts.

The inaugural episode broadcast July 2020 examining ‘The Age of Rage’ featured live appearances from Daily Telegraph psychologist Dr Stephen Blumenthal plus Shereener Browne, a barrister specialising in gang-related crime, and top US therapist Craig ‘Snake’ Bloomstrand. Episode Two, ‘Practical Wisdom’ airs live at 4pm on Saturday 15 August 2020.

‘The Wisdom Podcast’ is hosted by BAAM founder Mike Fisher, a leading global anger management specialist with over 30 years’ experience in the field, and journalist Steve Beale, a former editor for Arena, FHM and The Face magazines.

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